Hello from Burn This Press! From 2000-2010, I ran Tollbooth Press, publishing poetry and translations. In the 1990s, I mostly published under the name Riot Grrrlz Outer Space or Evil Sisters Productions. Before that, I had various small magazines and books and broadsheets, including 4 issues of Ratatosk, a journal for fiction, poetry, and comics.

Burn This Press will focus on poetry and politics.

The name is homage to the poet Alta‘s book “burn this memorize yourself”. Alta ran Shameless Hussy Press and is one of my poet-publisher heroes!

Burn This Press is putting out tiny books, zine-like, with just a couple of poems each, a poem in its original language with translation(s), or a short essay. They will be free for as long as I can sustain printing and mailing them for free. Bigger books will still be as cheap as possible. If you’d like to the free series, email me at liz@burnthispress.com with Burn This Press Free in the subject line.

If you’d like to contribute something for Burn This Press to publish, please make it as un-boring as possible!

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