Hello world!

Hello from Burn This Press! 

Burn This Press will focus on poetry and politics, putting out tiny books, zine-like, with just a couple of poems each, a poem in its original language with translation(s), or a short essay. They will be free for interesting people as long as I can sustain printing and mailing them for free. Bigger books will still be as cheap as possible. If you’d like to get the free series, email me at liz@burnthispress.com with Burn This Press Free in the subject line.

Toast with Hello World printed on it by oskay http://www.flickr.com/photos/oskay/472097903/
Photo by <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/oskay/472097903/">Oskay</a>

The name is homage to the poet Alta‘s book “burn this memorize yourself”. Alta ran Shameless Hussy Press and is one of my poet-publisher heroes!

From 2000-2010, I ran Tollbooth Press, publishing poetry and translations. In the 1990s, I mostly published under the name Riot Grrrlz Outer Space or Evil Sisters Productions. Before that, I had various small magazines and books and broadsheets, including 4 issues of Ratatosk, a journal for fiction, poetry, and comics.

If you’d like to contribute something for Burn This Press to publish, please make it as un-boring as possible!

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